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The Gift of Movement Through Manual Therapy, Slow Controlled Strength Building and Body Maintenance


Hi, I’m Lisa

My gift to you is to help you understand why your body is lacking full range of motion, and create mobility and flexibility through hands-on manual therapy and utilizing your body and a few tools that can help you maintain long term movement.

Lisa has over 16 years of healing experience specializing in sports therapy, ART therapy, fascia/connective tissue and injury specific treatment- you will be getting more than just a massage. I believe that our bodies are neglected from human touch - and I have the ability to know the areas of your body that store stress and trauma. Here at LA Bodywork we are here to help you MOVE BETTER!


Shop Body Maintenance Tools

Your body needs maintenance tools to maintain mobility, strength and flexibility.


Manual Therapy
Manual Therapy consists of all hands on work. Active Release, Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Soft Tissue

1-3 months

Learn the business strategies of how to run your own private practice and grow a 6 figure practice.

Why do you need a manual therapist?

Watch this video to see Lisa talk about the importance of manual therapy and maintaining your body with exercise, stretching, and body tools.

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